• A first stab: French institutions try to calculate their biodiversity footprints

    03 August 2023

    As French financial institutions for the first time estimate the scale of their impacts on nature, the numbers look bleak - but not comparable. Thomas Cox writes

  • The LMA's draft Sustainability-Linked Loan provisions, explained

    01 August 2023

    Sustainability breaches and declassification events are among the issues covered by the new provisions, write Lucy Jenkins and Martin Bontea-Ungureanu

  • NatWest hails Acciona's additionality-driven framework

    31 July 2023

    With a focus on local impact and EU Taxonomy-aligned capital expenditure, Pietro Stimamiglio says Acciona is looking to up the game for sustainable finance. Ahren Lester reports

  • The JETPs: an engine of progress

    28 July 2023

    The Just Energy Transition Partnership model is maturing, and it has immense potential as a financing framework, write Mafalda Duarte and Abhishek Bhaskar.

  • How to complete the EU's taxonomy

    27 July 2023

    The creation of two types of sustainable investment will bring clarity to where transition investment needs to be focused, Helena Viñes Fiestas tells Michael Hurley

  • The ISSB - a new global standard?

    26 July 2023

    The ISSB standards create a common language and globally consistent baseline for disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities, writes William Yonge

  • The impact of the EU's Sustainable Finance Package on asset managers

    24 July 2023

    Leonard Ng explores three key areas of impact: the taxonomy, regulation of ESG ratings providers and transition finance

  • Sovereigns should use SLBs 'to help reinforce climate commitments'

    21 July 2023

    RBC BlueBay's Jana Harvey argues SLBs could help incentivise action on Paris Agreement. Ahren Lester reports

  • Twelve reasons why TNFD should not disregard global extinction risk

    20 July 2023

    Extinction risk was the reason why scientists got talking about biodiversity in the first place, writes Axel Rossberg

  • Impact investing: 'a great defence against greenwashing'

    19 July 2023

    With investors 'very focused on whether something is what it claims to be', impact investing is poised to thrive, Kieron Boyle tells Genevieve Redgrave