• Fund to invest €45m in African carbon credits

    19 April 2012

    French institutions have collaborated with the West Africa Development Bank to launch a fund that will invest in carbon credits from projects that reduce emissions in Africa.

  • Volunteers step forward

    12 April 2012

    The voluntary carbon market held up better than its bigger mandatory brother in 2011 but, say the top ranked firms in Carbon Finance's market survey, innovation and differentiation will be key to success in what is still a tough environment. Mark Nicholls reports

  • Up in the air

    12 April 2012

    With less than 12 months until the first compliance year of California's emissions trading programme, the rules underpinning trading are still being formed. Gloria Gonzalez looks at how emitters are preparing amid the uncertainty

  • In limbo

    12 April 2012

    Uncertainty prevails for emitters after a scramble to submit applications for free allowances in Phase III of the EU Emissions Trading System. Marcel Hanakam and Philipp Mueller evaluate the process in Germany and the outstanding questions

  • Registering an interest

    12 April 2012

    The new EU registry regulations mean that standard trading documents need to be updated, particularly with regard to stolen units. Kerry Liebenberg and Kasia Hryniewicz outline the main changes

  • E+Co eyes expansion in cookstoves, renewables

    21 March 2012

    US-based non-profit investor E+Co, one of the pioneers of carbon finance for clean cookstove projects, is scaling-up its clean energy investments and taking cookstove technology to the next level. Christopher Cundy reports

  • Waiting at the gate

    07 March 2012

    Amid much controversy and political posturing, the EU Emissions Trading System was extended to aviation in January. Katie Kouchakji reports on how carriers are navigating for compliance with the programme despite the turbulent political situation

  • Beyond repair?

    07 March 2012

    The Clean Development Mechanism has come a long way, but remains beset by problems. Can the policy dialogue make it fit for the future, ask Axel Michaelowa, Sonja Butzengeiger and Marc André Marr

  • Righting the wrong

    08 February 2012

    An English court last month ruled that a victim of EU allowance theft was entitled to compensation from the purchaser of the stolen units. Charlotte Hill and Paul Hollands spell out what this judgment means for the European emissions market

  • Betting on China

    08 February 2012

    While the UN climate talks in Durban threw a lifeline to the Clean Development Mechanism, future demand for emissions reductions from China remains murky. Joshua Speckman reports