• G7 companies heading for 2.7°C of warming, says CDP

    06 September 2022

    Companies based in the G7 are collectively aligned with a scenario that would see 2.7°C of global warming, according to analysis of their emissions reduction targets by CDP.

  • CDP: Deforestation financial risk is 'underestimated'

    30 May 2022

    Investors are generally not putting pressure on companies to tackle deforestation as firms have not yet recognised financial risks related to the activity, a CDP executive has said.

  • CDP: Time to debunk the myth that water is immaterial to financials

    09 May 2022

    A third of financials still fail to assess water risk, Cate Lamb tells Genevieve Redgrave

  • Banque de France first central bank to join CDP

    27 April 2022

    Banque de France has become the first central bank to join the CDP, which requests environmental disclosures by companies.