• Driving geothermal deployment in developing countries

    21 August 2015

    Well-directed public finance has the potential unlock tens of billions of private sector geothermal investment in developing countries, argues Valerio Micale

  • CPI calls for action on investor climate exposure

    20 August 2015

    Investors, regulators and standard-setters have been urged to drive forward environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure initiatives to help define "climate exposure", in a report by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI).

  • Green bonds 'can help achieve $100bn climate finance goal'

    11 June 2015

    Green bonds have been named one of the four instruments available to financial institutions to help ramp climate finance up to its $100 billion a year target.

  • Wind energy falling out of favour with private investors, says report

    20 November 2014

    The level of global wind capacity being installed is falling, driven by a drop in private investment, according to new research.

  • Low-carbon transition to benefit finance system – report

    09 October 2014

    Governments, not private investors, will bear the majority of stranded asset costs caused by efforts to meet climate targets, while a transition to low-carbon energy may boost the finance sector's investment capacity, says research.

  • Reducing the costs of CSP

    30 June 2014

    Gianleo Frasari explains how public buy-in and bidding can reduce costs for concentrated solar power

  • CSP needs more help to attract private sector investment, report claims

    21 March 2014

    India's solar drive is set to deliver the world's largest Linear Fresnel concentrated solar power (CSP) project, but policymakers will have to work harder to attract the private investment the country needs to hit its targets, according to a report.

  • A bright future

    17 January 2014

    Gianleo Frisari explains how public finance can accelerate the development of concentrated solar power

  • 'Climate finance' investments fall in 2012 as 2°C target drifts further away

    22 October 2013

    The amount of climate finance invested fell last year to $359 billion, a study has revealed, with private investments showing a marked slowdown.

  • Novel finance structure could help institutional investors back renewables

    18 September 2013

    An innovative financing structure that enabled a Danish pension fund to help finance a wind farm has the potential to encourage further institutional investor backing of renewables projects, according to a research paper.