• ECB: 'We can no longer drag our feet' with nature risks

    30 September 2022

    A European Central Bank (ECB) executive has urged action to tackle financial risks related to nature as well as climate.

  • ECB reveals three-pronged approach to incentivise decarbonisation

    20 September 2022

    The European Central Bank (ECB) will from next month use a three-pronged approach to 'tilting' its purchases of corporate bonds towards those from issuers with higher climate scores, as it looks to incentivise issuers to decarbonise.

  • ECB mulls climate buffer as it warns of carbon-intensive 'fire sale'

    26 July 2022

    Eurozone banks could be subject to a climate-related capital buffer as part of efforts to manage the risk of a disorderly energy transition, joint research by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) proposes.

  • Policy action likely to lead to losses on crypto-assets, ECB paper warns

    12 July 2022

    The eventual pricing-in of the negative environmental externalities of cryptocurrency assets appears likely to lead to losses on crypto-asset exposures, a research paper published by the European Central Bank warns.

  • ECB tells banks to pressure clients on climate data

    08 July 2022

    The European Central Bank (ECB) has told banks they need to pressurise their clients to disclose more emissions data, after its first climate stress test showed most lenders are not adequately managing climate risks.

  • ECB 'tilts' bond programme towards greener companies

    04 July 2022

    The European Central Bank (ECB) will favour greener companies for its corporate bond programme from October, it has said.

  • ECB identifies 'clear gaps' as it readies bank climate inspections

    22 June 2022

    "Clear gaps" remain in most areas of European banks' climate risk management practices, a top executive at the European Central Bank (ECB) has said, as the organisation prepares to conduct on-site inspections of EU banks.

  • Banks' climate 'analysis paralysis' shameful

    21 March 2022

    The lack of readiness of banks to assess their exposure to climate risks is both alarming and shameful, according to a prominent North American asset manager.