• Paris Agreement 'missed a trick' by not creating standard-setters, says Swiss Re

    16 February 2024

    The insurance sector must look to external bodies to define the standards needed to make progress towards net-zero - but those bodies don't exist, according to Swiss Re's CEO.

  • Swiss Re ramps up its internal price on carbon

    16 September 2020

    Several leading European insurance groups - Swiss Re, Generali, Allianz and Aviva Europe - have announced bold actions to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Insurers have key role in China's sustainable growth, says Swiss Re

    02 September 2019

    Insurers can play a key role in enabling sustainable economic growth in China due to their risk management expertise, according to Swiss Re.

  • Insurers under fire for underwriting coal industry

    11 August 2017

    Divesting from coal companies while continuing to underwrite them is a 'blind spot' of insurers' climate policies, according to campaigners. Cintia Cheong investigates what four insurers are doing about it