• After climate, insurers seek to measure their social footprint

    16 February 2023

    The Geneva Association has outlined a framework to assess insurers' impact on society. But why is it needed and how would it operate alongside existing ESG frameworks? Paul Walsh reports

  • Eiopa: how we plan to stop insurers greenwashing

    20 January 2023

    Europe's insurance authority explains its plans to address greenwashing, including how the term is defined and what measures it intends to take to prevent it, in this Q&A with Joshua Geer

  • Regulators consider capital for climate risk

    16 December 2022

    Insurance regulators are keen to ensure their prudential frameworks properly incorporate climate risk. But whether this should be reflected in capital requirements is proving a difficult question to answer, as Christopher Cundy reports

  • New insured emissions protocols are a fig leaf for continued fossil fuel expansion

    16 November 2022

    The emissions protocols will allow insurance companies to do business as usual in underwriting the fossil fuel expansion, argues Peter Bosshard

  • Avant garde: biodiversity reporting in France

    17 October 2022

    As French financial institutions report biodiversity-related information under the pioneering Article 29, Thomas Cox assesses the lessons learned

  • Facing up to climate uncertainty with technology

    25 August 2022

    Developments in technology will be crucial to help financial institutions assess and manage the worst effects of climate change, writes Matt Foote

  • Insurers go back to basics in biodiversity underwriting push

    08 June 2022

    The loss of the biodiversity has been identified as one of the world's most severe risks, but insurers are only just beginning to get to grips with it. Paul Walsh reports

  • SCOR, an insurer committed to the climate?

    17 May 2022

    SCOR has so far been slow to respond to the climate emergency, argues Lucie Pinson

  • Great expectations

    10 March 2022

    The financial industry isn't going to save the planet - but it has a role to play, says Hans Stoter

  • Comment: The double materiality of gender diversity

    08 March 2022

    The same way climate change won't be curbed with recycling and paper cups in offices, gender equality won't be achieved just through insurers' HR policies, insurers need to use their investments to have impact. Abbie Wood writes