• Why investing in renewable energy companies is high risk

    14 August 2014

    Investors should beware renewables companies that base their business models on government decisions, says Annerose Tashiro

  • Yieldco trend in renewables set to continue

    08 July 2014

    As yieldcos continue to spring up in the renewable energy sector, KBI's Colm O'Connor tells Sophie Robinson-Tillett it is a sign of acceptance by mainstream investors, and explains why he is investing in their parent companies.

  • UK renewables reach important – but modest – milestone

    07 July 2014

    As the UK's share of electricity generated from renewable sources approaches 20%, Seb Beloe hails the achievement, but says there is much further to go.

  • Making hay while the sun shines

    24 June 2014

    What does the recent spate of convertible issues tell us about the solar market, and are there more to come, asks Peter Cripps