• Carbon capture policy inadequate in most US states – RAP

    26 March 2009

    Significant policy changes will be needed before carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects can be developed in most US states, according to Richard Cowart, director of the Regulator Assistance Project (RAP), a non-profit that advises electricity sector regulators.

  • US Senators try to cut ethanol import tariffs

    25 March 2009

    A bipartisan group of US Senators has introduced a bill to lower tariffs on imported ethanol, a proposal that US ethanol supporters have fiercely resisted in the past.

  • Obama rejects Lula's call for end to ethanol import tariff

    18 March 2009

    US ethanol supporters have praised President Barack Obama for resisting pressure from Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to eliminate the tariff on Brazilian ethanol imports.

  • S&P, Trucost launch 'carbon efficient' stock index

    12 March 2009

    Standard & Poor's has launched a 'carbon efficient' version of its benchmark US equity index, the S&P 500. The S&P US Carbon Efficient Index excludes the 100 most carbon-intensive components of the S&P 500, as calculated by environmental researchers Trucost, to come up with an index that has an average annual carbon footprint 48% lower than the S&P 500.

  • Low-carbon economy worth £3 trillion – UK government

    12 March 2009

    The global low-carbon and environmental sector was worth £3 trillion ($4.1 trillion) last year, according to research commissioned by the UK government.

  • Element closes $486 million clean-tech growth equity fund

    12 March 2009

    Element Partners this week closed a $486 million clean technology (clean-tech) growth equity fund, bucking a tough fund-raising market.

  • US agriculture secretary backs increase in ethanol blending limit

    11 March 2009

    US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack this week advocated increasing the ethanol content of the country's petroleum fuel from the current 10% maximum, adding to the momentum for an increase to avoid ethanol production outstripping demand.

  • Investors urge better disclosure of water risk

    05 March 2009

    Companies are largely unaware of water-related risks, or how climate change will likely exacerbate them, says a report from investor and environmentalist coalition Ceres, which urges businesses to report their 'water footprint'.

  • SAM, Dow Jones, launch Asian sustainability indexes

    05 March 2009

    Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) and Dow Jones have extended their sustainable investment index family to the Asia-Pacific region, with the launch of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) Asia Pacific and Asia Pacific 40 equity indexes.

  • Thriving pellet sector faces competition as it seeks feedstock

    04 March 2009

    The growing wood pellet industry will compete increasingly with pulp and paper firms for woodchips and pulp logs as its raw material, as supplies of its traditional sawdust and sawmill shavings prove inadequate, forecast a new report.