Adding a dose of complexity

Emissions trading systems are based on traditional economic theory – but the new discipline of 'complexity economics' raises profound questions over their role in tackling climate change, says Nick Silver

Breaking the green tax logjam

New taxes may be political anathema, but a shift towards environmental taxation must be embraced if we're to ­tackle climate change, argues Paul Ekins

Scaling up clean-tech

As head of Citi's clean-tech private equity unit, Andrew de Pass has $2 billion of the bank's capital to invest. He tells Mark Nicholls how he plans to deploy it

The ramifications of REACH

The effects of the EU's new chemicals legislation will be felt more widely than many might expect. Francois Dauphin considers the compliance and investment challenge posed by Reach

Investors question EU trading

The European Commission is due in January to unveil ­proposals for 'burden-sharing' arrangements to meet its EU-wide renewable energy target. But the prospect that this may involve renewable energy trading is being met with caution by investors, as Kirsty Hamilton reports

All at sea?

The UK has the potential to become a world leader in the nascent wave and tidal power sectors – if the right support framework is put in place, says James Vaccaro

Putting billions to work for wetlands

A proposed new regulatory framework could turn wetland banking in the US into a multi-billion-dollar market. But might a gold rush undermine its environmental effectiveness? Alice Kenny reports

What could go wrong?

The nascent clean energy sector is booming. But is investor enthusiasm overdone? Morgan Stanley's David Edwards looks at the lessons to be learnt from the biotech and internet bubbles

Banks warm to the climate issue

Climate change may present the banking sector with new risks of its own to manage, but it also offers a whole new suite of products to help others manage theirs. Natalia Gorina looks at how banks are tapping into a new market