An inconvenient state?

California's climate change legislation marks a dramatic step forward in US efforts to tackle greenhouse gas ­emissions. Douglas Smith considers its implications

Let a thousand wind farms bloom

In wind energy, as in everything else, China is set to become a global giant. But the development of wind farms and a domestic turbine manufacturing base are far from plain ­sailing, as Michael Rank reports

Doing something about disclosure

September has become the month of carbon disclosure. At events around the globe – after a launch in New York on the 18th – the findings of the latest Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) were unveiled to the world.

Wider, longer, deeper

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme is not without its critics, particularly regarding its impact on competitiveness. But Paul Dawson argues that the answer is more, not less, ­emissions trading

A trillion and rising

The latest study from Eurosif estimates the European socially responsible investment market is worth more than €1 trillion. Matt Christensen reviews its findings

Why 'good' science doesn't help

Andrew Dlugolecki argues that using cost trends and empirical climate science puts insurers at grave risk of ­underestimating the likely costs of climate change

To trade, or not to trade?

Despite many states planning to ban the trading of mercury allowances – and looming lawsuits – the US Environmental Protection Agency is confident its trading plan will work. Ray Pospisil reports

The sky's the limit

Although voluntary carbon offset programmes are becoming increasingly common, many environmentalists remain sceptical as to their benefits. They shouldn't be, says Jonathan Shopley

Dutch firms launch green VC fund

European banks Fortis and Triodos and venture capital firm Stichting DOEN have set up a new venture capital fund to invest in Dutch sustainable technology start-ups.