The drama unfolds

It's been a dramatic few weeks or so, in the debate around climate change in general, and emissions trading in particular. The period began, on 30 October, with the much-anticipated release of the Stern Review. This 575-page report, commissioned by the UK Treasury and written by a former World Bank chief economist, has transformed the debate about the economics of climate change.

Progress, just about

As the warnings from the climate scientists become more high-pitched, the talks on extending the international climate regime continue at a low drone. So what comes next? Mark Nicholls reports from Nairobi

Leading the way

Few details have yet emerged as to how California's regulators are to implement the state's ground-breaking climate change legislation. Jason Patrick considers some of the issues they – and market participants – face

A statement of intent

Investors are increasingly aware of the impact of climate change on returns. But how should they respond to the ­challenge? A new investor initiative aims to show the way, say Stephanie Pfeifer, Rory Sullivan and Mark Kenber

Tracking down the data

Companies are working overtime to get a better understanding of their environmental impacts. Vijay Gudivaka looks at the growing market for more effective environmental data management

Taming the tigers

Asia's explosive economic growth has come at enormous environmental cost. But investors – with a little help from Melissa Brown and ASrIA – could help shift the region's ­development trajectory. Christopher Cundy reports

Banking on the positive

Mark Nicholls reports on how the UK arm of Triodos Bank is making a push into investment banking – and taking a typically unconventional approach

A changing climate in Washington?

Environmentalists hailed the Democratic victories in the US mid-term elections. But those hoping for rapid action on greenhouse gases are ­likely to be disappointed, reports Ray Pospisil

China turns to biofuels

With soaring energy demand, and rising oil prices, China is desperate for alternative sources of supply – and is embarking on a push into biofuels. Michael Rank reports

The trillion-dollar market

Last month, a study sponsored by energy giant Shell suggested that "concerted international action to avert climate change could create a global market worth $1 trillion in the first five years alone".