Sustainable Company Awards 2023

Product innovation of the year, EMEA: Sylvera's Carbon Credit Analytics tool

Launched in 2022,  Sylvera's Carbon Credit Analytics (CCA) tool seeks to bring together disparate data sources from across voluntary carbon markets and provide a holistic view of market activity enabling companies to better understand their participation.

The London-based carbon data firm says the tool enables users to analyse and compare historical performances of retired portfolios of carbon credits across more than eight registries and standard-setting firms and match over 500 million retired credits to more than 1400 companies.

With the ability to allow carbon credit portfolio composition across industries, Sylvera hopes this will enable companies to benchmark and de-risk their carbon offsetting investments and optimise their carbon credit retirement strategies.

Co-founders Allister Furey and Sam Gill. Source: Sylvera

"There is a serious lack of data to demonstrate progress against net zero targets and to prove that carbon emissions are actually being reduced or removed from the atmosphere. This uncertainty has created inaction – Sylvera is changing that," said Allister Furey, chief executive officer and co-founder of Sylvera.

"Without quantifying the real value and integrity of carbon credit portfolios, companies and investors have no insight into if an organisation is meeting the 'net' in net zero and how they're tracking toward overall progress. CCA makes it easier for companies to understand where they are as compared to their industry peers and ultimately ignite more action."