Carbon Finance - The Financial Implications of Climate Change

This book, written by Sonia Labatt and Rodney R. White and published by Wiley, is a comprehensive guide that explores the financial implications of living in a carbon-constrained world.

Key Topics:

Opening with a brief introduction to the Kyoto Protocol and the policies that shape a carbon-constrained society, Carbon Finance quickly moves on to:

  • Outline the carbon finance marketplace, and explain the speed with which it has developed and the complexity of its growth
  • Explore specific products – designed to cover environmental risks associated with climate change – for Alternative Risk Transfer
  • Take a closer look at the entire energy chain and its relationship to today's value chain
  • Examine the fiduciary duty of institutional investors as they assess the financial effects of climate change within the investment community
  • Detail key mechanisms created through the Kyoto Protocol and the experience of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.


Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:

The Energy Chain.

Chapter 3:

Regulated and Energy-Intensive Sectors.

Chapter 4:

The Physical Impacts of Climate Change on the Evolution of Carbon Finance.

Chapter 5:

Institutional Investors and Climate Change.

Chapter 6:

Emissions Trading in Theory and Practice.

Chapter 7:

Climate Change and Environmental Security: Individuals, Communities, Nations.

Chapter 8:

Adapting to Adverse and Severe Weather.

Chapter 9:

Key Players in the Carbon Markets by Martin Whittaker, guest author.

Chapter 10:

Carbon Finance: Present Status and Future Prospects.

Sonia Labatt and Rodney White have provided a highly-readable overview of the key developments in the fast-evolving area of carbon finance. Carbon Finance is a valuable guide for anyone wishing to understand the implications of this innovative market-based approach to combating climate change.

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