Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure

This multi-author report, available as an e-book, sets out views from experts in a range of different disciplines on why climate risk reporting is so important. It explores the shift in thinking about what risks are apparent to industry, how to measure and report such risks, what frameworks are in place (both voluntary and mandatory) and identifies the main stakeholders in the discourse.

Investors and companies worldwide are beginning to understand that climate risk can have an impact on their bottom line, and that managing climate risk is set to become a key management benchmarking indicator. More and more companies, therefore, are now disclosing information about the impact of climate change on their operations and how they are responding to it. Their motivations include legislation, shareholder pressure, saving money or boosting profits, and reputation management.

However, the risks differ significantly between industries and geographical areas and it can be difficult to compare responses from different companies. There is a clear need for clarity, reporting standards and better communication.

Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure explains how climate risk is changing, what is reported and why, the legal and accounting issues, and outlines how to create a financial framework for reporting climate risk.

Contributing organisations include Willis, LRQA, Allen & Overy, DNV, Hunton & Williams, Carbon Disclosure Project, Aarhus University, Climate Disclosure Standards Board, ACCA, University of St Andrews, and the Aldersgate Group.

The editor, Felicia Jackson, is a consultant providing strategic advice to established companies, start-ups and investment firms looking to target their sustainability, renewable energy and carbon activities. Formerly founding editor of New Energy Finance (now Bloomberg New Energy Finance) she is also the author of Conquering Carbon, which examines the critical issues around the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Corporate Climate Risk Disclosure retails for £140. For more information and to order your copy, please contact

ISBN: 978-0-9553720-9-4