Water Funds 2013

Water Funds 2013 is a directory of funds that focus on the supply, distribution, and treatment of water. Both private sector funds and those managed by development banks are included. It aims to help investors identify attractive opportunities in a sector poised for dramatic growth and to highlight which companies and countries are attracting the most capital.

The directory features at-a-glance summaries of each water fund, including:

  • Investment objectives
  • Size and investment timescales
  • Investment eligibility criteria
  • Diversification criteria: by region, industry sector etc
  • Contact details
  • Other key data for potential investors and companies active in the water sector


  • An overview of the growing water challenge: the supply/demand mismatch; key trends and projections; impact of population growth, ageing infrastructure, demand for higher water quality, and impacts of climate change.
  • Meeting the financing requirement: estimating the need in industrialised and emerging economies; assessing the role of public and private funding; tariffs, taxes and transfers vs repayable sources of finance.
  • Analysis of the four main investment clusters: distribution and management; advanced water treatment; demand-side efficiency; water and food.
  • Water trading: the most efficient way to put a price on this essential commodity?
  • Data on planned and suspended funds

Purchase the Water Funds Directory to help you to:

  • Identify attractive investment opportunities in a sector poised for dramatic growth (without having to pick individual stocks)
  • Understand trends in private finance for the water sector and see which companies / countries are attracting the most capital
  • Identify potential sources of investment and see which of your competitors are attracting fund finance
  • Understand the universe of water funds and potential sources of new business, while also seeing which of your peers are already active in this sector

Available in hard copy or CD-ROM

Water Funds 2013 retails for £250. For more information and to order your copy, please contact info@environmental-finance.com.

ISBN: 978-0-9572311-1-5