Chairman’s Opening Address


Keynote: The big picture

  • Size of the market, opportunity, and challenges
  • What is the role of green bonds to overcome the challenge in China/HK/North Asia? Does it give the transparency western investors need?
  • Discussion of HKSAR Government signing the Green Bond Pledge: First signatory from Asia

Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Keynote: How environmental big data is facilitating innovative solutions for green finance in China

  • • The Blue Map Database development and evaluation systems
  • • Big data applications for green supply chains and green finance

Speaker: Ma Jun, Director, Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs, China


Morning networking break


Panel: How to navigate the Standards

  • How are the standards different. How do you compare domestic standards to the SDG's
  • Certification or Principles
  • How do you treat Clean Coal. What other issues do investors care about.
  • How should companies choose which one to adhere to and investors pay attention to
  • How to ensure the "greenness" of green bonds?
  • What is expected in the future, noting the Paris Agreement and SDGs, for example


Dr Guo Peiyuan, Chairman, SynTao Green Finance; Co-Founder and General Manager, SynTao
Ivy Lau, General Manager, Climate Bonds Initiative
Ir C. S. Ho, Deputy Chairman, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency


Panel: Perspective of the issuer

  • What are the costs for the CFO and Treasurer
  • Does a green bond take more time
  • Are there savings through lower interest/coupon rates
  • What research is there to support this
  • For non-issuers, what is holding them back
  • Reporting and monitoring the use of proceeds – what are investors looking for?


Dr Raymond Yau, General Manager, Technical Services & Sustainable Development, Swire Properties
John Ho Hon-ming, CFO & Company Secretary, The Hong Kong and China Gas Co
Herbert Hui, Finance Director, MTR Corporation
Roman Novozhilov, Chief, Head of Policy and Project Support, The New Development Bank
Keith Ng, Head of Capital Markets, Link Reit

Moderator: Katharine Tapley, Head of Sustainable Finance, ANZ 


Panel: The Investor perspective

  • How interested are international investors in Chinese, HK and North Asian green bonds?
  • Who are the investors and why are they buying?
  • How investors perceive the PRC green bond market and deal with the discrepancies
  • Can Bond Connect be a solution for investors?
  • What is needed to give investors confidence to grow the market; reporting?


Vivek Pathak, Director, East Asia & the Pacific, IFC
Alexandra Tracy, Founder and President, Hoi Ping Ventures
Paula DiPerna, Special Advisor, CDP




Spotlight: Do green bonds do more harm than good

  • Promotion of green bonds clouds the issue that 99% of the bond market functions with no concern to whether the money raised is exacerbating climate change and harming the environment
  • Use (and abuse) of green bonds by market participants as a fig leaf to look good
  • Possible solutions and way forward

Speaker: Assaad Razzouk, CEO, Sindicatum


Case Study: The business case for Green Financing

  • Is green financing good for the issuer and investor? Why?
  • Are green bonds a good way for asset managers to meet their ESG commitments?

Speaker: Boris Moutier, Hong Kong and Asia Chief Investment Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Asia


Talking Heads: Not just Green Bonds; a look at other fixed income with ESG

  • The $2.5bn bond issue from AIIB was not labelled green but comes from a bank inherently green. What are the alternatives?


Afternoon networking break


Panel: Sustainable loans - Green Loans and Sustainability Linked Loans

  • The potential for Hong Kong
  • How are the Green Loan Principles and Sustainability Linked Loan Principles being adopted by Borrowers and Banks?
  • What are the advantages of Green and Sustainability Linked Loans vis a vis ordinary loans?
  • What are the challenges?


Anna-Marie Slot, Partner, Ashurst
Rosamund Barker, Head of Legal, Asia Pacific Loan Market Association
Nicholas Gandolfo, Associate Director of Sustainable Finance Solutions, Sustainalytics
Tess Virmani, Associate General Counsel, Public Policy, Loan Syndications and Trading Association


Panel: Navigating external reviews and impact reporting

  • The value of external reviews in the green bond market in HK and China
  • How does assurance compare to verification?
  • Opportunities and challenges of impact reporting
  • What should be the baseline of additionality measurement
  • With what perspective should the impact be reported


Panel: Ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Harnessing the innovation that exists in the market
  • The regulation of green bonds – is self regulation sufficient
  • Is there a role for the UN's SDGs
  • What is the role of the regulators
  • How do we take the message of green bonds to the fixed income as a whole


Tracy Wong Harris, Deputy Secretary General, Hong Kong Green Finance Association
Dr Nadira Lamrad, Assistant Director, Sustainability & ESG Advisory, Business Environment Council