Environmental Finance is pleased to announce that our third annual Green Bonds America conference will be held on October 23 at 10 on the Park in New York.

It's been a blockbuster 12 months for the green bond market, with the value of issuance doubling, credit ratings agencies joining the market, new geographies and industry sectors coming to market for the first time, innovative bond structures being launched and significant pricing advantages being reported.

According to the Green Bonds Database, the American green bonds market has continued its rapid growth with over 17$ billion issued in the last twelve months.

At the conference this year we will look at the drivers behind this boom and how to ensure sustainable growth as the market matures.

Last year over 250 delegates attended this conference with more than half from the issuer and investor community.

Green Bond Americas 2017 will cover trends and opportunities in this fast-growing market, with keynote presentations and panel discussions on topics such as:

  • Market outlook - how the green bond market is set to evolve in the coming year
  • Understanding green bond pricing and investor demand
  • Standards, reporting and risk - defining "green" in the context of today
  • Diversifying the issuer universe
  • What's next for the green municipality bond market?
  • Green Bond Innovation and Development

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