Vigeo Eiris - Controversy Risk Assessment (CRA)

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Social data
  • Governance data
  • Screening data

Brief description of the data offering

  • This product provides up to 500+ data-points per company related to controversies and their risk management.
  • Companies are screened for controversies on 38 ESG criteria containing over 160 controversy topics.
  • The controversy assessments are systematically undertaken on 4 axes:
    • The severity of the controversy: critical, high, significant, minor
    • The frequency of the controversy: persistent, frequent, occasional, isolated
    • The reactiveness of the company to the controversy: proactive, remediative, reactive, non-communicative
    • The risk mitigation capacity of the company: (advanced, robust, limited, weak).
  • Research is updated daily via our extranet platform (DataLab).
  • Research is delivered in multiple formats:
    • An excel database
    • A dedicated controversy report per company (pdf)
    • A bi-monthly journal summarising recent updates of controversies (pdf)
    • A warning list is also generated to flag the most concerning companies
    • Bespoke excel files and delivery of data via an API is available to clients that request this service
  • Our CRA research covers a universe of more than 7000 companies from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Emerging Market regions. 

Where and how do you source your data?

Vigeo Eiris collects and qualifies information published by and about the companies that it researches. The use of confidential information is prohibited. For controversy research, we use information from key public press sources (Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, OECD Contact Point, etc). Vigeo Eiris also uses the FACTIVA Dow Jones resource which provides research analysts with material from over 30,000 online press sources. This accounts for about 70% of the content of the CRA database. We also collect information directly from companies via our proprietary VE Connect© platform that provides them with transparent access to Controversy research. All companies can see any controversies that they face as well as the sources of the controversies. They can respond directly to Vigeo Eiris through this tool and explain the measures that they are putting in place to manage these. Again, information provided through this platform is not used if it is labelled as confidential. Information collected in this process accounts for around 20% of the content of the CRA database. Information provided to us through partnership agreements that we have set up with specific international Trade Unions accounts for around 10% of the content of the CRA database.

Who are the data users?

The data is used by our global client base of investors for a wide range of purposes that include: portfolio analysis and reporting, portfolio alignment, index and fund development, best in class, and exclusion strategies development. The data can also be used by academic institutions for research and analysis purposes.

What is the cost for your data offering?

For more information about the pricing, please contact:

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

  • Depth: This product provides users with up to 500+ data-points per company. At date of publication, our CRA database captured over 19,000 controversies all systematically assessed under a rigorous methodology by a dedicated team giving investors a complete view on company performance.
  • Daily Update: the CRA database, as well as the associated company controversy profiles are updated daily, giving investors the most up-to-date assessment on companies.
  • Customisable: the CRA database can be customised to only the ESG issues that are material to individual investor needs. Furthermore, additional filters can be utilised (severity, frequency, responsiveness and risk mitigation) to allow investors to refine the lens through which they view controversies.
  • Norms-driven methodology: the framework of 38 ESG issues that underpins CRA reflects our framework for ESG Research. This has been developed on a foundation of international normative standards and reference texts from bodies such as the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, etc.
  • Transparency of Process: through our online platform VE Connect, every company can see all the controversies that are actively affecting their assessments. They see the text of the controversy, the sources that our analysts have used, as well as the areas of their ESG framework that it is impacting. They also have a free text space to provide commentary directly to Vigeo Eiris.
  • Transparency of Methodology: Data requires definition to be meaningful. All Vigeo Eiris research lines are accompanied by detailed Product Guides that outline the methodology and processes behind the development of the dataset.
  • Quality-Assured Research: In 2019, Vigeo Eiris became the first ESG rating agency to be awarded the ISO9001 certification for its methods and processes.


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