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Our ESG Research provides more than 500 data-points per company. Companies are assessed on an ESG framework of 6 Domains (Corporate Governance, Business Behaviour, Environment, Human Rights, Human Resources, Community Involvement) and up to 38 ESG criteria (e.g: Corruption, Executive Remuneration, Energy, Non-Discrimination etc). 

Companies are assessed within one of 40 sector customised frameworks. 

Companies are given a range of absolute scores on a scale of 0-100 as well as ratings (relative performance metrics).

We provide a Portfolio Analysis services benchmarking the performance of Investor portfolios to multiple aspects of our ESG research framework. 

Research is delivered monthly in excel format via our extranet platform (DataLab). 

Research can also be delivered via an API to clients that request this service. 

Our ESG research covers a universe of 5000+ companies from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Emerging Market regions.

Where and how do you source your data?

Vigeo Eiris collects and qualifies information published by and about the companies that it researches. The use of confidential information is prohibited. We use information from corporate reporting such as Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, 10Ks etc. We also collect information directly from companies via our proprietary VE Connect© platform. This platform provides them with transparent access to their research frameworks and allows them to integrate responses in a precise fashion. Information provided through this platform is not used if it is labelled as confidential. We also use information from public stakeholder sources (Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, OECD Contact Point, etc) including information that is provided to us through the partnership agreements that we have set up with specific international Trade Unions. Vigeo Eiris uses the FACTIVA resource which provides research analysts with press material from over 30,000 online press sources.

Who are the data users?

The data is used by our global client base of investors for a wide range of purposes that include; portfolio analysis and reporting, portfolio alignment, index and fund development, best in class, and exclusion strategies development. The data can also be used by academic institutions for research and analysis purposes.

What is the cost for your data offering?

For more information about the pricing, please contact:

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

We are a dedicated team of experts whom:

  • Create meaningful stories in line with your vision;
  • Offer guidance on alignment with EU regulation and European Label (Febelfin – Toward sustainability, FNG Siegel, Paris aligned and climate transition benchmarks – PAB/CTB, etc);
  • Provide monitoring on ESG factors for every Index Solution we power;
  • Provide reactive answers if questions are raised during “rebalancing” periods (i.e. when companies are added/leave our Index platform);
  • Provide ESG performance review a reporting on indices (Overall ESG performance, Carbon Intensity, EU Disclosures requirements, etc).
  • One of our core strengths resides in our ability to see a project through its entire lifecycle.

Strong track record on ESG indices:

Since 2013, we have launched more than 70 ESG indices on a wide range of ESG topics (Broad ESG, Climate, Human Capital, SDG’s, Biodiversity, Gender diversity, etc) in close partnership with key financial players such as BNP, Societe Generale, Kepler Chevreux, VanEck, Euronext, Solactive, and Research Affiliates.

Historical Data and Coverage:

  • Ability to leverage 15 years worth of ESG data thanks to a well-honed and consistent methodology
  • 5000+ issuers covered
  • Multi-asset classes & geographical zones
  • Annualization data update objective


We - @VigeoEiris - allow Index Providers or Investment Banks to develop custom proprietary ESG indices & benchmarks for Structured products, ETFs, derivatives & others. Gain direct access to our ESG experts & thought leadership HERE: #BecauseESGmatters


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ESG indexes before and after Covid

The Covid pandemic has encouraged ESG index providers to take a broader view of sustainability, Simon Vinatea and Thomas Montagnon of Vigeo Eiris’s index business tell Environmental Finance.

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