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What data do you provide?

FTSE Russell has been an innovator in sustainable investment indexes since the launch in 2001 of the FTSE4Good Index Series - one of the longest running global ESG index series. FTSE Russell maintains two core sustainable investment data models. By splitting our data model into these two dimensions users can determine more specifically whether to target ESG issues related to (operational) risk or (product) opportunities.

  • ESG Ratings - The ESG Ratings and data model assesses listed companies on their operational ESG risks and performance.
  • Green Revenues - The Green Revenues data model classifies and measures company revenue exposure to products and services that deliver environmental solutions.

Green Revenues Data

Where and how do you source your data?

FTSE Russell's Green Revenues data relies upon publicly disclosed information. Our primary sources of data are reports and other disclosures from companies. However, we will also use data from other sources such as governments and NGOs etc. All companies are then analyzed and classified using the FTSE Green Revenues Classification System (GRCS).

As most will know, company disclosure around sustainability is evolving. While year over year companies do become more transparent, there continue to be gaps; even where we know green activity is taking place. We quantify these known but undisclosed exposures and employ a proprietary estimation process to leverage as much available information while filling these gaps.

Who are the data users?

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data is used by individual companies, asset managers, asset owners, investment consultants, and academic institutions. Our data is used as inputs for risk analysis, industry comparison, reporting, asset allocation decision making and for the creation of innovative indexes.

As a measure to ensure investor confidence, regulators have sought to validate investment company claims that products are environmental solutions. To this end, the EU Taxonomy has been established. As of 2021, EU investment companies will be required to report on how they align to defined environmental criteria — the EU Taxonomy.

  • How, and to what extent, they have used the Taxonomy to assess the sustainability of underlying investments;
  • What environmental objectives the investments are contributing to; and
  • The proportion of underlying investments that are included in the Taxonomy.

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data delivers a comprehensive tool for the investment community to begin to understand and comply with these new standards. It provides the data and framework to:

  • Define – Know what is green and stay up to date
  • Analyse – Develop a regular tracking and reporting process
  • Prepare – EU Taxonomy reporting regulations to begin to apply at the end of December 2021

What is the cost for your data offering?

Please contact FTSE Russell for information on licensing our sustainable investment data and indexes.

What are the key attributes that differentiates the data you offer?

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data has a number of unique benefits, including:


Green Revenues data can be accessed through the online data model and measures the revenue exposure of more than 16,000 public companies engaged in the transition to the green economy across 48 Developed and Emerging markets, covering the FTSE All World and Russell 1000 index universes. Perhaps more important, is the depth of its classification system which covers 133 microsector categories. To provide further insight, the data model also makes a distinction in the value, or greenness, of any activity by assigning each microsector to a three-level tiering system.

EU Taxonomy aligned

The Green Revenues data model supports alignment with the EU Taxonomy supporting upcoming EU regulations by allowing organizations to quantify their exposure to the green economy.

Industry leading

The Green Revenues data model has a nearly 10 year history, putting FTSE Russell at the forefront of this ESG data availability. As an innovator in the green investment space, our data model has evolved alongside the green investment landscape.


Being green isn’t a matter of opinion. @FTSERussell Green Revenues data model has the framework, coverage and depth to give you the facts about climate and environmental exposure. Find out more about the EU Taxonomy.



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Investors are increasingly looking to apply ESG analysis into asset classes beyond equities and corporate debt – and FTSE Russell is developing the tools to help them do so, says Sylvain Chateau, head of sustainable investment product management at its parent, the London Stock Exchange Group.

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