Guide to ESG data providers :: Impact-Cubed Portfolio Impact Footprint

Impact-Cubed - Impact-Cubed Portfolio Impact Footprint

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Social data
  • Governance data
  • Rankings
  • Verification/certification data
  • impact / SDG alignment

What data do you provide?

Portfolio and benchmark level data on:

  • Environmental performance (carbon, waste, and water footprints)
  • Governance quality (pay ratio, board independence, board diversity)
  • Social (employment impact, economic development impact, tax gap, water scarcity exposure)
  • SDG alignment of products and services (% revenues from social good, social harm, environmental good, and environmental harm)
  • Each measure converted into investment equivalents (ex. tonnes carbon emissions saved per $1m investment)
  • Portfolio contribution to each of the SDG goals

These portfolio’s active exposures to each measure are summarized in a single net sustainability score that is expressed as:

  • % Active ESG Shares
  • Basis points of tracking error attributable to active sustainability exposures
  • A quartile/decile ranking within the fund or peer universe

Where and how do you source your data?

Impact-Cubed collects, processes and estimates its own data in-house. All data inputs are publicly available in the interest of data reliability and promoting increased company public disclosure. Data sources include regulatory company disclosure, voluntary company sustainability disclosure, and a variety of public datasets. Our data process is more than 90% automated, which allows us to cover every listed issuer globally on-demand, with no market cap or geographic limits on coverage. We are able to process data on listed equities, listed corporate debt, private equities and private debt. Automated maintenance of data also minimizes time lag between new information becoming available and it being reflected in the Impact-Cubed dataset.

Who are the data users?

Institutional investors, asset managers (reporting, portfolio construction, portfolio management, engagement, product creation), asset owners (total portfolio reporting, manager selection, manager monitoring and engagement), consultants, service providers

What is the cost for your data offering?

Products are priced competitively relative to the market, for specifics please contact our team.