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What data do you provide?

Climetrics is the world’s first climate rating for funds, enabling fund investors to integrate climate change into their investment decisions. The Climetrics rating measures the climate risks and opportunities of a fund against other funds in its sample, represented by a 1-5 leaf rating, with 5 being the best. Climetrics provides fund ratings for approximately 12,000 equity, mixed asset and bond funds/ETFs across Europe, USA and Japan. 

A top Climetrics rating (4 or 5-leaf rating) indicates that, on average, the companies in a fund‘s portfolio are more carbon efficient, better at publicly disclosing and managing climate-related risks and opportunities, and more likely to deploy key technologies supporting the energy transition. A 5-leaf rating further indicates that the asset manager takes strong public action on climate change.

Subscribers to Climetrics receive a rating license, enabling them to publicly display the climate rating of its investment funds to clients and other stakeholders.

Where and how do you source your data?

Climetrics uses market-leading company data from CDP and ISS ESG, but also draws on additional data sources and conducts in-house research. Its methodology is fully transparent, and independently delivers up-to-date ratings for any fund in the available universe. 

Non-profit CDP runs the world's most comprehensive, TCFD-aligned environmental dataset and is voted #1 climate change research provider by investors. ISS-climate is a pioneer in developing and applying new methodologies for the measurement of climate aspects across all asset classes.