ESG Data Guide 2023

Ethical Screening - Net Zero Analysis

Data category

Environmental data

The data offers solutions for:

  • Climate scenario analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis and insight

Who are the data users?

  • Financial institutions
  • Investors

Brief description of the data offering

Company level analysis in the rapidly evolving world of net zero, to show exactly what the company commitment is and, perhaps more importantly, the action it is taking to meet the commitment. The analysis includes:

Nature of the commitment - Net zero for all GHG, Not zero for carbon, or carbon neutral

  • Timeframes
  • Reductions made
  • Science based targets, progress against targets and interim target setting
  • Plans for residual emissions
  • Memberships of relevant organisations

Where and how do you source your data?

We have a dedicated and highly qualified team of researchers who collate information from many sources to build an accurate picture of a company’s operations, impacts and aims. We refer to:

  • Publicly available information from the company
  • NGO information, media stories and other independent sources
  • Subscription sources relevant to the research required
  • Direct company contact

What is the cost for your data offering?

Net Zero analysis can be priced on a per company basis for smaller lists of research, or in price bands for blocks of coverage where larger numbers of companies are required. For further information on our pricing please contact us.