ESG Data Guide 2024

SGS - Second-Party Opinions on Sustainable Bonds and Loans

The data offers solutions for:

  • Investment decisions and portfolio insight
  • Reporting: SFDR

Who are the data users?

  • Corporates
  • Financial institutions
  • Government
  • Investors

Brief description of the data offering

At SGS, our Second-Party Opinions (SPOs) provide corporates, financial institutions and investors with assurance that financial instruments (loans, bonds, trade finance) are aligned to market practices. SGS provides Assurance Statements and Opinion Letters on the credibility of the key performance indicators (KPI) and sustainability performance targets (SPT) tied to green loans, sustainability-linked loans and sustainability-linked bonds. SGS is a Climate Bond Standard-approved verifier and thus can deliver pre-issuance and post-issuance verification reports for CBS. Finally, SGS can provide corporates with ISO 14030 series for Green Financing. With our 140+ years of experience, SGS provides you with accessibility to technical experts across the globe to meet a variety of needs for your ESG journey.

Where and how do you source your data?

Our sources of information are multichannel, combining data gathered from (i) public sources, press content and stakeholders, (ii) global ESG partner rating databases, and (iii) information provided from the issuer/borrower through documentation and senior management interviews.

What is the cost for your data offering?

SGS provides a range of products and services to corporates, financial institutions and investors across a range of industry segments. Pricing is dependent on the services required please email: