ESG Data Guide 2024

Upright Project - SFDR PAI indicators & EU taxonomy data

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Social data

The data offers solutions for:

  • Carbon footprinting
  • Climate scenario analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis and insight
  • Investment decisions and portfolio insight
  • Norms-based screening
  • Reporting: EU Regulations
  • Reporting: SFDR
  • Social impact analysis and insight

Who are the data users?

  • Financial institutions
  • Investors

Brief description of the data offering

Upright provides both disclosures and modelled estimates for both PAI indicators and EU taxonomy eligibility and alignment. Read more below:

Where and how do you source your data?

We source company disclosures and also provide estimations based on our proprietary model. Read more below:

What is the cost for your data offering?

Depends on user segment and product. Please contact us for pricing information.