ESG Data Guide 2024

S&P Global - ESG, Climate, and Nature Sustainability Solutions by S&P Global Sustainable1 | 2024

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Governance data
  • Indices/Exchange data
  • Rankings
  • Ratings
  • Research data
  • Social data
  • Verification/Certification/External opinion
  • Climate data; Nature & Biodiversity data; Sustainability data; Regulatory data;

The data offers solutions for:

  • Carbon footprinting
  • Climate scenario analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis and insight
  • Investment decisions and portfolio insight
  • Nature-based information
  • Nature-based information: Biodiversity
  • Nature-based information: Land use
  • Nature-based information: Water
  • Norms-based screening
  • Reporting: CSRD
  • Reporting: EU Regulations
  • Reporting: Impact
  • Reporting: Other Regulations
  • Reporting: SFDR
  • Reporting: TCFD
  • Reporting: TNFD
  • Reporting: UN SDGs
  • Social impact analysis and insight
  • Temperature alignment
  • Transition plan assessments
  • Biodiversity; Manage sustainability risk; Accelerate the transition; Report with confidence

Who are the data users?

  • Corporates
  • Financial institutions
  • Government
  • Investors
  • Trustees
  • Corporates; Asset Managers; Asset Owners; Consultants/Advisers; Banks; Insurance; Wealth Managers; Academia; Commercial Banking; Corporations; Insurance; Investment Banking; Investment Management; Private Equity

Brief description of the data offering

S&P Global Sustainable1 matches customers with the sustainability products, insights, and solutions from across S&P Global’s divisions to help meet their unique needs.   
Our comprehensive coverage across global markets combined with in-depth sustainability intelligence provides financial institutions, corporations and governments with expansive insight on business risk, opportunity, and impact as we work towards a sustainable future. 
Our offerings cover three solution themes of managing sustainability risk, discovering value in the sustainability transition, and reporting with confidence. Within these categories we provide essential sustainability intelligence across:

  • 10+ commodities
  • 170+ countries
  • 20,000+ funds
  • 60,000+ vehicle types
  • 3 million+ assets
  • 4 million+ companies 
    ...and more! 

Where and how do you source your data?

We have strengthened our sustainability solutions over decades, bringing together the pioneering capabilities of Trucost, SAM, The Climate Service, and Shades of Green within our dedicated Sustainable1 organisation.   
Our merger with IHS Markit has further enhanced our capabilities to deliver actionable insight to our clients with innovative sustainability and energy transition data intelligence. 
Our solutions are built from decades of sustainability research across industries and geographies. A few notable research processes include:

  •  The S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) is an annual assessment of corporate sustainability performance built off 62 GICS-aligned industry survey frameworks.
  • The S&P Global Trucost Environmental dataset is built through a robust and comprehensive research process that individually verifies the environmental performance profile of each company. 

What is the cost for your data offering?

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