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FactSet Research Systems, Inc. - FactSet Corporate Governance & Activism (SharkRepellent)

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Governance data

What data do you provide?

FactSet’s corporate governance (takeover defense) and shareholder activism database, SharkRepellent, powers activism and governance research with vital market, company, activist shareholder, and activism campaign intelligence. 

  • Access activism campaign details, including participants, events, defenses, filing dates, and related entities. You can examine activism activity at the company, activist, and campaign level to gain insight into the tactics, objectives, and outcomes of each investor's activism campaigns. 

  • Leverage takeover defense and corporate governance data, including bullet proof ratings, charter provisions and amendment details, and appeal/repeal percentage requirements 

  • Obtain data for all U.S. in-force poison pills, Canadian in-force and ratification pending poison pills, and any other non-U.S. EDGAR filers that adopts a U.S.-style poison pill  

Where and how do you source your data?

FactSet compiles research from a company's articles of incorporation, bylaws, proxy statements, state takeover law, and shareholder rights plan (poison pill) to build comprehensive defense profiles for over 5,300 U.S. incorporated public companies. Activism data against U.S. incorporated companies is available since 2006, select campaigns announced in 2005, all proxy fights since 2001, and additional campaigns waged by prominent activists (SharkWatch50) prior to 2006. SharkWatch tracks all SharkWatch50 campaigns, regardless of where the target company is incorporated. All data is monitored and updated daily. Certain information, such as alert-triggering events, are updated throughout the day. Sources include SEC filings, SEDAR filings, financial news and company press releases, company websites, and financial trade publications. 

Who are the data users?

FactSet’s corporate governance and activism data and reports are used by a variety of firms, including investment banks, law firms, institutional investors, hedge funds and activist investors, risk arbitragers, proxy solicitors, corporations, academic institutions, and corporate communications firms. 

What is the cost for your data offering?

FactSet’s corporate governance and activism data is fully integrated into the FactSet workstation, making it easy to perform complete company analysis in one place. Information is also available via a retail model, where clients are charged on a "pay as you go" basis. There are no login charges, searching charges or time-based usage charges. Clients are charged only for the reports they run or data they download. Report charges depend on the type of analysis reports required. Clients may also choose a subscription, or "all you can eat," pricing option. Subscription rates vary according to the type of firm, number of users, etc.