Guide to ESG data providers :: Climate risk scores for equities and fixed income, real estate investment trusts, real assets, and municipalities and sovereign

Four Twenty Seven - Climate risk scores for equities and fixed income, real estate investment trusts, real assets, and municipalities and sovereign

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Risk Scores

What data do you provide?

We provide climate risk scores for equities, fixed income, REITs, real estate, infrastructure, municipalities and sovereigns. Our risk scores leverage an assessment of exposure to the physical impacts of climate change at the facility level (manufacturing sites, real estate properties) globally. Our coverage includes developed and emerging markets across all sectors. Our analysis leverages best-in-class climate data at the most granular level and scores assets based on their precise geographic location. Our data is used by investors to drive investment strategies, forward-looking risk management and TCFD/risk reporting disclosures. Our instantly accessible analytics, powered by proprietary databases and cutting-edge research, provide financial institutions with unique insights into the impacts of climate change on their portfolios. 

Where and how do you source your data?

Four Twenty Seven has developed a highly curated set of data that provides our clients with site- or entity-specific insights regarding acute and chronic physical climate risks, based on globally comparable data. We leverage climate data from an ensemble of climate models from CMIP 5 (IPCC data) and supplement it with indicators that provide additional localized insights (e.g. elevation) relevant to specific climate hazards such as floods and water stress. Our methodology captures the nuances and diversity of risk drivers by incorporating a broad array of indicators, each focused on a distinct driver of climate risk and selected based on known pathways of business risk that emerge from changes in the physical environment. 

Who are the data users?

Our data is used by a range of financial institutions including pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, and real asset investors. Use cases include risk management, portfolio construction, asset allocation, research and reporting. Corporate data users include enterprise risk managers and sustainability mangers. Central banks, development finance institutions and governments also leverage our climate risk data for risk management in loan and fixed income portfolios and to identify opportunities to invest in resilience. 

What is the cost for your data offering?

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