Guide to ESG data providers :: Real Estate Listed Data

GRESB - Real Estate Listed Data

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Social data
  • Governance data
  • Rankings
  • Ratings

What data do you provide?

GRESB assesses the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios and assets worldwide. We offer ESG data, Scorecards, Benchmark Reports and portfolio analysis tools. GRESB provides investors and managers with high quality, granular data and analytics on the Environmental, Social, and Governance performance of all listed real estate companies. GRESB Investor Members with access to our listed real estate dataset receive an in-depth analysis of the ESG performance of listed real estate entities, as well as their performance against their peers via the Benchmark report. In 2018, the listed real estate dataset covered 207 entities representing 61.2% coverage of the major developed listed real estate indices. The listed dataset also includes data from GRESB Public Disclosure – which evaluates the level of public ESG disclosure by listed property companies and REITS, with full coverage of the major developed listed real estate indices.

Where and how do you source your data?

ESG Data is submitted on an annual basis by Real Estate companies and funds through indicators from the GRESB Real Estate Assessment. GRESB assesses and validates the submitted data to ensure that investors and managers who use the data can rely on it. Based on the validation conclusion, GRESB applies an objective scoring model to score and benchmark each participant. This process is completed directly through the GRESB Portal, a 100% secure online environment. GRESB Public Disclosure data is collected from publicly available sources and added to the GRESB Portal. Each year, between April 1st – July 1st, listed property companies and REITS have the opportunity to review and amend the public disclosure data collected by GRESB.

Who are the data users?

Institutional investors, pension funds, and insurance companies use GRESB data. Investors that have access to an entity’s Benchmark Report get a detailed understanding of the ESG performance of the companies and funds they invest/or intend to invest in. 

What is the cost for your data offering?

AUM < EUR 1 billion : 5,400 EUR (6,300 USD)

AUM > EUR 1 billion : 10,800 EUR (12,600 USD)