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InfluenceMap - Corporate Climate Risk Metrics

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What data do you provide?

The Lobbying and Corporate Influence Project accurately assesses, ranks and communicates the extent to which corporations are lobbying climate and energy policy worldwide. Corporate influence plays a major role, both positive and negative, in the creation, implementation, and effectiveness of policy - we have therefore created an interactive and open-source scoring table to capture this influence.

To provide balanced rankings, we map and analyze large amounts of data on corporate and trade association lobbying, communications and spending, and then we assign those organizations with a grade — ranging from an A+ to an F. In addition to our on-going, dynamic rankings, we also issue periodic reports on a range of industries, associations and public policy topics. 

Where and how do you source your data?

To measure and score corporate influence on climate change policy, we have developed a comprehensive process of examining publicly available information through reliable data sources. This information is then used to test a set of queries across data sources for each organization (e.g. position on a carbon tax, energy efficiency standards, etc.).

Who are the data users?

Our metrics for measuring corporate corporate behaviour towards climate and energy policy are in use by over 100 investors globally, including Legal & General Investment Management, Norges Bank, Sweden's AP7, Boston Common and many more. They have become a recognised part of how investors assess corporate climate performance. InfluenceMap is one of four data suppliers to the CA100+ process of investor engagement on climate change risk. Our content is communicated to our users in various ways.

What is the cost for your data offering?

Please contact us for pricing information.