Guide to ESG data providers :: Climate Impact Data

Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - Climate Impact Data

Data category

Environmental data

What data do you provide?

ISS ESG provides a comprehensive range of Climate Impact Data, including a holistic analysis of the carbon footprint, climate change preparedness, and climate-related impact of a clients’ holdings, identifying reportable and actionable data for the formulation of climate-friendly investment strategies. In addition to the Carbon Footprint Data, ISS ESG’s Climate Impact Data includes the following elements: 

  • Transition risk assessment, including fossil fuel exposure, potential emissions, unconventional fossil fuels, including tar sands and arctic drilling, and renewable energy capacity 
  • Physical risks assessment based on both the sector and region of operations
  • Scenario analysis, assessing the alignment of a portfolio with climate goals
  • Alignment with key disclosure frameworks

Where and how do you source your data?

Reported data for Climate Impact Data sets is gathered from a variety of validated, publicly available sources including a company’s own disclosure, sustainability reports, company websites and press releases, proxy statements, reputable news, governmental and international institutions, recognised international or local non-governmental organizations, and non-biased subscription databases such as the CDP.