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What data do you provide?

ISS ESG’s Controversial Weapons Screening is a well-established analysis methodology that helps investors make decisions regarding companies directly or indirectly involved in the development, production, maintenance or sale of weapons that are illegal—as their production and use is prohibited by international legal instruments—or deemed particularly controversial because of their indiscriminate effects and the disproportionate harm they cause. 

Controversial weapons covered include, but are not limited to, biological and chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, anti-personnel mines, and cluster munitions. 

The Controversial Weapons Screening service covers approximately 24,000 issuers including about 16,500 publicly traded companies.

Where and how do you source your data?

ISS ESG conducts a comprehensive, systematic review of open sources such as company publications, contract award notifications by government authorities, military specialized magazines and publications by research organizations and non-governmental organizations.  The research team establishes the accuracy of allegations through active company and stakeholder dialogues. Fact-finding dialogue begin as soon as research into an allegation is initiated. During this dialogue, the company is informed about the allegation and offered an opportunity to present its position. This dialogue is ongoing for as long as ISS ESG maintains its assessment that the company is involved in verified or alleged unaddressed violations of global norms or involved in controversial weapons.  The company is also informed about the overall conclusion and provided with the analysis.