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Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - ESG Portfolio Analysis

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Portfolio analysis

What data do you provide?

ISS ESG offers ESG Portfolio Analysis which allows an investor to gain a comprehensive assessment of environmental, social and governance related performance of an investment portfolio. It comprises the following:

  • Definition of the concept of sustainability (including performance scores screening criteria)
  • Analysis and reporting 
  • Leaders and laggards

Based on a detailed analysis report, ISS ESG can provide a client with guidance as to how they may improve the social and environmental quality of the portfolio and, where necessary, align it more closely with the organisation's goals. Providers of sustainable investment products, e.g. funds, can use the evaluation to have the quality of their product independently evaluated and verified.

Where and how do you source your data?

To build up a comprehensive picture of each company, ISS ESG analysts collect information relevant to the rating both from the companies being analysed and from independent experts. During the rating process, considerable importance is attached to the dialogue with the company under evaluation.

All the information received is cross-referenced with other sources (local authorities, local press etc.). In addition to the process of cross-checking and validating sources, ISS ESG uses independent experts on thematic issues (human rights, environment) or regional issues to assess the credibility of the information.