Guide to ESG data providers :: Pooled Engagement

Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - Pooled Engagement

Data category

  • Environmental data
  • Social data
  • Governance data

What data do you provide?

ISS ESG’s Pooled Engagement is a dialogue and engagement service that is carried out with companies identified through Norm-Based Research as facing credible allegations or verified reports that they are failing to adhere to established norms and standards relating to environmental protection, human rights, labour standards and anti?corruption. Pooled Engagement provides an efficient way for investors across markets to jointly engage with approximately 100 of these companies a year. The combined effort of participants in Pooled Engagement allows them to wield more influence and encourage greater disclosure by companies than if an engagement were conducted alone. Quarterly and annual reports provided by ISS ESG updates investors on engagement progress.  

Where and how do you source your data?

Companies considered for inclusion to the Pooled Engagement process are sourced based on factors surrounding ISS ESG’s Norm-Based Research.  ISS ESG carries out extensive dialogue with companies and expert stakeholders – governmental or inter-governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, academic organisations – to validate facts relevant to the incident or controversy and to the company’s response to it. Companies that fail to respond to an incident in line with established norms and standards will be subject to engagement.