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Policy development

What data do you provide?

A responsible investment mission statement and policy is the foundation of a client’s investment philosophy and can address internal compliance and general business development needs.  The goal of developing a responsible investment mission statement or policy is for investors to have a basis for their portfolio monitoring, company research, engagement, voting, reporting, and communication.  ISS ESG works closely with clients to identify their performance objectives, current capabilities, and tools needed to integrate responsible investment policies throughout the investment process. 

Where and how do you source your data?

ISS ESG will consult with the client’s management, investment, business development, and compliance teams to define the vision and scope of the client's principles, policy and strategy. ISS ESG will also consider various regulatory requirements, industry and market best practices.  As a leader in responsible investment, ISS ESG participates in many best practice industry networks to keep abreast of and actively engage in market developments. ISS ESG maintains an active and structured dialogue with responsible investment stakeholders, from governmental bodies, to inter-governmental agencies, industry associations, academic institutions to non-governmental organizations. ISS ESG participates in relevant initiatives and discussions globally.