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Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - Sustainability Bond Ratings

Data category

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  • Social data
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  • Ratings

What data do you provide?

ISS ESG’s Sustainability Bond Rating is based on a detailed ESG analysis of a bond and its issuer and supports investors in their aim to decide on whether a sustainability bond lives up to its claim. ISS ESG covers a growing universe of the most important green and sustainability bonds available on the secondary market and offers an industry leading ad-hoc rating service for upcoming issuances on the primary market in order to facilitate timely investment decisions. Currently, about 50% of the green bond market is covered with these ratings. 

The three components of the ISS ESG Sustainability Bond Rating are: 

  • Issuer’s evaluation  
  • Transparency and external assurance 
  • Sustainability quality and impact of the bond 

Where and how do you source your data?

The Sustainability Bond Rating aims at assessing the overall sustainability quality of a bond. This includes the results of the issuer’s ESG rating and potential controversies, as well as an in-depth analysis of the bond framework with regard to the elements of the Green Bond Principles. Finally, ISS ESG evaluates the environmental and social benefits of each financed project category and the eligibility criteria the issuer has chosen for identifying the projects to be financed.

The rating is based on publicly available information on the issuance and may be complemented by information made available to investors.