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Data category

Environmental data

What data do you provide?

S&P Global Platts Analytics examines the forces that affect the North American environmental policy and markets. We provide comprehensive analysis of policies, regulations and supply-demand fundamentals of traded markets for emissions (carbon, conventional pollutants) and for clean energy/renewables, assessing allowance/credit prices, energy markets and assets. This service also provides a big picture perspective on significant longer-term environmental regulatory and market developments as well as up-to-date, detailed data and analysis.

Where and how do you source your data?

We provide fixed-frequency reports and as-events-dictate bulletins that keep you current on trends in environmental regulations and markets. This includes analysis of and forecasts for regional emissions policies and trading systems (WCI/California, RGGI, state-level programs, LCFS, CSAPR), regional U.S. Renewable Energy Credit (REC) market outlooks, and other coverage of North American environmental policy and market developments. This also includes regular tracking of emerging key U.S. Federal regulations, and comprehensive assessments of Federal, state, local and private sector policy developments around fracking. We offer detailed analytics around the penetration of key transformational technologies in the energy sector – with a special focus on electric vehicles and energy storage.

Who are the data users?

Oil and Gas Producers, Equipment Manufacturers, Drilling Companies and Shippers, Electricity Generating Companies, Refiners and Marketers, Government Agencies (Energy, Environment, Finance, Commerce),Financial Institutions, Commodity Investors, ESG Investors and Large Electricity consumers.

What is the cost for your data offering?

Request for a personalised quote through our website.