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Environmental data

What data do you provide?

The Platts Scenario Planning Service and World Energy Demand Model offers end-use fuel demand data for 143 countries across 19 sub-products and 9 sectors. The time series covered is 1990-2050 (history through to current year and Platts Analytics propriety forecast through 2050). Clients benefit from regularly updated historical data and assessments of transformational technologies such as renewables, alternative transport (EV, other) and energy storage, uptake as well as sectoral and fuel CO2 emissions on a national level.  The World Energy Demand Model can be used to design a variety of policy and technology sensitivities, and our proprietary 2 degree Scenario offers a comprehensive view on pathways to reach climate targets and includes datasets for fuel demand, commodity prices, and emissions across countries and sectors.

Where and how do you source your data?

Our customized energy scenario planning and detailed analysis on the forces affecting ESG offers long-term supply and demand outlooks and possible pathways for a low carbon transition. For many of the countries covered, data are sourced from a combination of government data providers (Ministries of Energy, Bureaus of Statistics, regulatory agencies). These datasets are then benchmarked against 3rd party data providers, including but not limited to the International Energy Agency and JODI. Data are scraped by analysts and the database administration team at a minimum of 1x per month. We also offer updated long-term price outlook for WTI, Brent and Dubai crudes, North American, European and Asian natural gas (HH, TTF, Platts JKM), and CAPP and ARA coal prices. 

Who are the data users?

Oil and gas Producers, equipment manufacturers, drilling companies and shippers, electricity generating companies, refiners and marketers, Government Agencies (Energy, Environment, Finance, Commerce), financial institutions, commodity investors, ESG investors and large electricity consumers

What is the cost for your data offering?

Request for a personalised quote through our website.