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Indices/Exchange data

What data do you provide?

Solactive AG acts as an index provider with a wide range of different multi-asset ESG benchmarks that can be used to manage assets or provide investment products with an ESG focus. We run the index selection based on ESG data using, e.g., a best in class approach, or exclusions and provide the resulting index components, as well as the index value to the licensees. As a registered Benchmark Administrator, we can offer such indices that are compatible with the European Benchmark Regulation.

Where and how do you source your data?

Solactive utilizes an open architecture in the ESG space. We work with several ESG data providers and can incorporate a variety of broader or more specific screens into our indices. We are also able to onboard new data providers quickly and can set up new indices with their data.

Who are the data users?

The ESG data we receive from external providers are used by Solactive in the selection process of index components. Those indices with ESG tilt are then licensed by our clients, which can be, e.g., asset managers, investment banks, pension funds, insurance companies.

What is the cost for your data offering?

The cost of an ESG index depends on the complexity of the index construction as well as the ESG data needed. When licensing an index from Solactive, the license fee incorporates those two components.