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Environmental data

What data do you provide?

Trucost provides robust, quality-checked, and standardized environmental data on more than 15,000 companies. Essential intelligence helps our clients measure impact, identify exposure, and manage risks and opportunities across different asset classes. Trucost data and analysis assists with investment decision-making by addressing challenges of climate change, water use, waste disposal, and the over-exploitation of natural resources. Our 10+ years of historical data covers large-, mid- and small-cap companies, representing 99% of global market cap. Trucost’s granular breakdown of the world economy into 464 activities allows our clients to actively screen for material risk factors and optimise portfolios accordingly. Detailed corporate environmental profiles assist with strategic and targeted engagement to support risk awareness and resilience, and multi-asset class analysis and forward-looking data supports TCFD aligned and national mandatory environmental reporting.

Where and how do you source your data?

The company-disclosed, non-modelled data used by Trucost comes from a variety of publically disclosed sources such as company financial reports (Annual Reports, Financial Statements, 10-K/20- F reports, SEC/regulatory filings) and environmental data sources (CSR, Sustainability or Environmental Reports, the CDP, EPA filings), in addition to data published on company websites or other public sources. Trucost also provides each company the opportunity to share data directly via its direct engagement and data verification process. Trucost’s robust estimation model and methodology for large-, mid- and small-cap companies enables the gaps to be filled where disclosure is unavailable.

Who are the data users?

Trucost’s data is used by numerous market segments including asset managers, assets owners, banks, insurers, academics and corporates.

What is the cost for your data offering?

Pricing varies depending on the universe and scope of environmental data.