Airlines - Are you ready for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme?

As a result of the ongoing legal challenges to the inclusion of airlines in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) we understand that many airlines are ill prepared for their inclusion in this scheme, as they have (understandably) been hoping the challenges will be successful.

Prince's Mayday Network Annual Report

The 2011 Prince's Mayday Network annual report highlights the progress that companies across the UK are making towards managing and reporting on their environmental impacts.

Confronting climate risk

A special report from Environmental Finance, published in association with the Carbon Disclosure Project, on business, investment and the CDP.

Sustainable Cities

UK cities are at a crossroads in their development as they come under pressure to grow in a sustainable way and use resources more efficiently.

Forest Footprint Disclosure

Published in association with the Forest Footprint Disclosure project, this special report examines investment, transparency and corporate efforts to tackle deforestation.