Decarbonizing the value chain: The Digital Frontier


The UN has described Net-Zero transition as a complete transformation of how we produce, power, consume and move about. So far in this webinar series exploring the net-zero transition, we've discussed energy tech and traditionally hard-to-abate materials such as steel and concrete. But it's not only physical infrastructure that needs to transition, the rapidly expanding digital world will need to be part of the journey as well. How can the tech sector keep up with an exponential demand for data and focus on sustainability? Join us as we discuss financing change in the tech sector.


Mark Kroese
General Manager for Sustainability Solutions, Microsoft
Pim Rothweiler (Moderator)
Managing Director, Head of Telecom, Media & Technology Finance Americas, ING
Robert Gutman
SVP Capital Markets & Investor Relations, Compass Datacenters
Sofya Shuster
Director, Sustainable Finance, ING

Points for discussion

How are companies approaching Net-Zero and what progress is being made?

How is sustainability impacting or driving a company’s direction?

What are the priorities and challenges to delivering success in the future?

How is this impacting finance strategies?

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