Encouraging Green and Sustainable Bond Issuances in Emerging Markets: Focus on the Real Sector in Nigeria and Ghana


Emerging markets will require a substantial amount of investment to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions as part of the Paris Agreement. The green and sustainable bond market—a key way to leverage private capital to support climate development—is underdeveloped in many emerging markets. However, more countries are developing ambitious strategies and are pioneering sustainable bond frameworks, setting the tone for a shift in the market.

IFC has partnered with Environmental Finance to understand the current status of green and sustainable bond issuances in Africa with a special focus on Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa within the power, transport and agribusiness sectors.

This webinar aims to present the outcome of the study and convene key stakeholders to address challenges ahead and propose solutions, including IFC's support, for real economy corporates in emerging markets in Africa to leverage green and sustainable bond issuances.


Ben Smith (Moderator)
Data Strategist, Environmental Finance
Jude Chiemeka
Division Head, Capital Markets, Nigerian Exchange Limited
Dr. Riccardo Ambrosini
Lead, Sustainable Energy Finance, Middle East and North, West & Central Africa, IFC
Paul Ababio
Deputy Director General, SEC, Ghana

Discussion Points:

What are the measures undertaken by NGX and Republic of Nigeria / SEC Ghana or the Republic of Ghana in general to encourage Green or Sustainability Bond Issuances?

Who can issue Green or Sustainability Bonds?

What are the major challenges faced by real sector corporates when considering issuing a labelled bond?

What type of investors are interested in subscribing in a green or sustainability bond in the market?

What types of projects can be considered for use of proceeds in a green or sustainability bond?

What is the difference between a "traditional plain vanilla bond and green/sustainability bond? (with advantages and benefits for issuing "green" instead of "plain vanilla" bonds)?

What are the maturities, yields, sizes of green and sustainability bonds?

What is the timetable of the process for issuing a green or sustainability bond?

How can IFC support corporates throughout the process of issuance?

Green Bonds

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