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  • G20 needs to step up on biodiversity and back TNFD, says GFANZ's Ravenel

    17 May 2024

    The G20 needs to take a lead on addressing biodiversity loss, a representative of a major investor coalition has argued.

  • Corporates hope to stop reporting 'legacy' ESG data points

    16 May 2024

    Corporates are hoping to "weed" out some of the ESG data points they report, an Environmental Finance conference heard, with one saying they currently report more than 2,000.

  • Sustainable infrastructure index launched

    09 May 2024

    V-Square Quantitative Management has launched a sustainable infrastructure index in partnership with Morningstar.

  • Will AI be transformative for ESG data? Part two

    06 May 2024

    The second part of this feature exploring how the AI revolution could transform the ESG data landscape, looks at how AI can be used to generate actionable insights and where it will go next. Peter Cripps reports

  • Will AI be transformative for ESG data?

    03 May 2024

    The AI revolution is already transforming the ESG data landscape. But how much trust should we place in the bots, asks Peter Cripps

  • The UK's SDR has overlooked 'ethical' funds

    22 April 2024

    The UK's Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) should create an additional label for 'ethical' funds, an asset manager has argued.

  • Comment: Are we finally ready to have a grown-up conversation about the transition?

    22 April 2024

    There are encouraging signs we are starting to have a more sophisticated and practical conversation about how to invest in the transition, says Peter Cripps

  • Comment: The rumpus over SBTi's offsetting U-turn

    12 April 2024

    What does the row over SBTi's change of heart on carbon credits tell us about the state of sustainable finance, asks Peter Cripps

  • SBTi warms to offsets, in massive move for voluntary carbon market

    10 April 2024

    The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has said it will take a more accommodative stance towards carbon credits, in a move one observer described as a "massive" moment for the voluntary carbon market.

  • PenSam's carbon budget index

    01 April 2024

    The Danish pension provider's new climate index will help it reduce its climate risks, Mikael Bek tells Peter Cripps