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Insurers under fire for underwriting coal industry

Divesting from coal companies while continuing to underwrite them is a 'blind spot' of insurers' climate policies, according to campaigners. Cintia Cheong investigates what four insurers are doing about it

Reflections on the HLEG report

The EU's High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance issued its interim report last month. One of the members of the group, Flavia Micilotta, outlines some of her key takeaways.

Lessons from the Repsol bond

I recently had an interesting chat with a leading green bond underwriter. He wanted to know whether I thought a green bond to finance energy-from-waste would be well received by the market.



Wanted: UK green bond issuers

As the green bond market continues to break records and investors call for more supply, Hamza Ali asks why there hasn't been more issuance out of the UK



Insurance and Climate Risk 2017

15 November 2017, London

Bringing together departments on both sides of the insurer’s balance sheet so that they can discuss and learn what roles they can play in response to climate risk.

Green Bonds Americas 2017

October 23, 2017, New York

Exploring the drivers of the green bond market boom, and how to ensure sustainable growth as the market matures in the future.

Green Equities 2017

14 September 2017, London

High profile investors in both listed equities and private equity share their insights on the latest trends shaping green equity investments.

Deals of the Year 2017




Green Bonds Europe 2017

See all the photos from Environmental Finance's seventh annual Green Bonds Europe conference, which took place on 19 June at the Hilton Tower Bridge Hotel in London

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The Green Bond Database is the most comprehensive source of information on the labelled green bond market.

The database is updated daily, is fully searchable and allows the export of Excel ready tables.

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