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COP 23: What success means for investors

This year's UN climate change conference in Bonn (COP23), while a far cry from the highs of the Paris talks of 2015, is crucial for the implementation of the new agreement. Katie Kouchakji talks to some finance sector leaders about their criteria for its success

Winners revealed in voluntary carbon poll

Developments in international policy, new standards and the promise of future demand from the aviation industry are pushing the voluntary carbon market forward, the top firms in Environmental Finance's 2017 rankings say



Insurance and Climate Risk 2017

15 November 2017, London

Bringing together departments on both sides of the insurer’s balance sheet so that they can discuss and learn what roles they can play in response to climate risk.

Green Bonds Americas 2017

October 23, 2017, New York

Exploring the drivers of the green bond market boom, and how to ensure sustainable growth as the market matures in the future.

The Green Bond Database


The Green Bond Database is the most comprehensive source of information on the labelled green bond market.

The database is updated daily, is fully searchable and allows the export of Excel ready tables.

Visit The Green Bond Database

Green bonds have now been issued in 40 countries, many of which are emerging markets. Most countries have now seen green bonds issued in domestic currencies. The exceptions, such as Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica are mainly in emerging markets. Brazil saw five issues in foreign currencies before it finally saw a real-denominated issue, from Rio Energy earlier this year. Denmark is a rare example of a developed country that has not issued in its own currency - it has only seen issues in Norwegian krone and euros.

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