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The ESG in Fixed Income Global Series

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Discover all the events in the series

Discover all the events in the series

All hosted on a single platform, the six one-day events will capture the crucial topics relevant to the green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked (GSS) bond markets.

Bond Awards 2021

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The EF Bond Database

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Breakdown of corporate GSSS bonds

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While corporate green bond issuance is growing rapidly, companies are issuing social, sustainable and sustainability-linked bonds at an even greater rate. As a result, green bonds as a percentage of corporate green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds shrank from 85% to just under 79% in 2020. Corporate social and sustainability bond issuance rose in 2020 by 313% and 85%, respectively, while the relatively new sustainability-linked bond label saw corporate issuance double in 2020.


For comprehensive details about all green, social and sustainability bonds, please visit the Environmental Finance Bond Database. For more information, a demo or a free trial please contact

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