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Green Bonds: Review of 2017

Green Bonds: Review of 2017

Environmental Finance is delighted to bring you Green Bonds: Review of 2017 powered by our leading green bond database

The EF Bond Database

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The EF Bond Database is the most comprehensive source of information on the labelled green, social and sustainability bond markets. The database is updated daily, is fully searchable and allows the export of Excel ready tables.

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Bearing the standard for green bond growth

As the green bond market has grown, a plethora of national and regional standards has sprung up. What do they bring to the market and are they necessary, ask Michael Hurley and Peter Cripps

Green is Good

Times are a-changin' in the bond market. Companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings stand to have privileged access to the capital markets. A universal 'green treasury' approach is needed to reap the economic and social rewards, says Arthur Krebbers

Lessons from the Nordics

The Nordic countries are in the vanguard of the green bond market, leading the march in areas such as impact reporting. Michael Hurley asks what lessons the rest of the world can learn

Green Bond Hub 2018

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