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Green hijacking: SBI and KfW

Green hijacking: SBI and KfW

The State Bank of India's ESG update flaunted its relationship with KfW to help give it credibility but it failed to mention its plans to finance the Carmichael coal mine, says Ulf Erlandsson

Sustainable Bonds Insight 2021

Sustainable Bonds Insight 2021

Sustainable Bonds Insight 2021

This free-to-download report includes graphics and data from the Environmental Finance Bond Database to illustrate the main trends in the market in 2020 together with forward-looking commentary from leading market commentators

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Dollar value grouping by bond category in 2020

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Graph demonstrating the distribution of values of individual bonds issued in 2020 by bond category. Each bond is designated a grouping based on where its value fall in the range (e.g. group 1 are bonds valued up to $100 million and group 15 are bonds valued at $10 billion or more.)


In general, there is a decrease in green bonds investment as the dollar value increases from group 1 to 15. However, we do see two peaks in volume at group 6 and group 11 which represent dollar values $500-599 million, $1000-2499 million, respectively. This implies that green bonds dominated smaller and mid tier issuances in 2020 but the largest issuances were mostly other bond types.

Social and sustainability bonds follow a similar pattern to the green bonds in terms of volume, but as a proportion they dominated largest issuances. Only social bond investments fell within the highest dollar value in group 15 (valued $10 billion and above). These social bonds have been issued by the EU sure programme in response to COVID-19.

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