From wind to water

With €1.7 billion under management, Bozena Jankowska's EcoTrends fund has become one of the largest environmental funds in the market. Now the RCM fund manager is turning her attention to the water sector. Mark Nicholls reports

Here comes the sun

Solar plants are getting bigger and project financiers are getting interested. Nick Gardiner and Neena Madhok look at what's driving the sector – and what risks investors face

Suzlon goes global

Elizabeth Block reports on how wind turbine maker Suzlon has expanded its horizons far beyond India

People moves this month

ANNA LEHMANN and BRUCE MAILLET have joined UK-based carbon project developer Sindicatum Carbon Capital (SCC).

Trading on the tarmac

The inclusion of aviation in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme may have stalled, as the sector awaits a compromise directive to emerge. But, says Udeke Huiskamp, airlines would be well advised to begin anticipating a cost of carbon

Tough times for managers

Carbon funds can offer institutional investors a convenient – and lucrative – entry into the carbon market. But current market uncertainty is making them a tough sell. Mark Nicholls reports

Making the climate change play

It is a torrid time to be investing in, well, pretty much anything at the moment. Gold looks quite attractive, and the Financial Times recently reported on how pawnbrokers were thriving, as the banks turn their backs on the higher credit risk end of the retail market.

Do we need financial additionality?

Financial additionality' tests for greenhouse gas offset projects have their drawbacks, but the emerging US carbon market should not ignore them, says Bill Reynolds

Options on exchanges

As investor interest in trading carbon credits grows, exchanges are working furiously to attract financial players. Christopher Cundy reports

Tracking climate change

Index designers are rushing to meet investor demand for global warming-themed investments, reports Jess McCabe