A changing climate in Washington?

Environmentalists hailed the Democratic victories in the US mid-term elections. But those hoping for rapid action on greenhouse gases are ­likely to be disappointed, reports Ray Pospisil

China turns to biofuels

With soaring energy demand, and rising oil prices, China is desperate for alternative sources of supply – and is embarking on a push into biofuels. Michael Rank reports

The trillion-dollar market

Last month, a study sponsored by energy giant Shell suggested that "concerted international action to avert climate change could create a global market worth $1 trillion in the first five years alone".

Integration or bust

How can companies better communicate environmental, social and governance issues to the financial markets – and will the markets take them into account? Mark Nicholls reports from Zurich on an effort to answer those questions

Talking each other's language

Developing a low-carbon economy will require a degree of communication between the private sector and government that is simply not yet happening, says John Ashton

Enlightened banking

When it comes to moving the financial sector towards sustainability, it's all about a level playing field, and making sure everyone has the tools for the job, believes Martin Hancock. He talks to Mark Nicholls

To the third generation

The Global Reporting Initiative may be nearly 10 years old, and on its third iteration, but the reporting it advocates is no less controversial. Jess McCabe reports from Amsterdam

The fuels of the future?

Production of biofuels is rocketing, underpinned by strong ­regulatory support. Ronnie Lim considers the prospects for the industry, and flags up some companies to watch