Feeling the cold?

One year on, and the banking sector's recovery from the credit crunch seems no closer. So what does this mean for their emerging environmental markets businesses? Tricia Holly Davis reports

More action than meets the eye?

India's recently unveiled climate change action plan disappointed many foreign observers. But, say Bishal Thapa and Ritika Goel, they should look again

The age of substantiation

Companies meeting commitments to corporate social responsibility using the voluntary environmental markets are driving the latter's triple-digit growth. But, say John Melby and Reiner Musier, it's not just about doing the right thing – it's about being able to prove it

Why it's still time to invest in carbon

The 'low-hanging fruit' may have been picked, and the 2012 Kyoto deadline is fast approaching. But, argues Adrien Assous, carbon remains a highly attractive alternative asset

Lessons from China to the City

Engagement with China on its human rights, governance and environmental record can inform engagement with multinational corporations, and vice versa, says Peter Kinder

The Shaw line

As founder of EEA Fund Management, Simon Shaw has led some of the most successful investments in environmental and carbon markets. He tells Christopher Cundy how he did it

Meeting the measurement challenge

For too long, asset owners have had few means of assessing the real environmental, social and governance skills of their asset managers. Jonathan Horton explains how a new benchmark can help both sides measure and manage ESG issues

The environment on the stump

Eight years of federal foot-dragging on climate change are set to be reversed come January – whichever candidate wins the keys to the White House. But, as Gloria Gonzalez reports, the apparent similarities of the two presidential candidates' energy and climate policies mask profound differences

The path to optimisation

Andreas Wiese explains how to analyse the risk and ensure the financial optimisation of portfolios of renewable energy projects

People moves this month

JON WILLIAMS, head of group sustainable development at HSBC, is to leave the banking giant to take up a new role as partner, sustainability and climate change, at Pricewaterhouse­Coopers in London.