Less than zero

Barely a week goes past without another company claiming some kind of carbon neutrality. But do the claims stack up? Iain Watt and Bill Burtis attempt to make the sums work

A spark in the tank?

High oil prices and climate change concerns are turning up the voltage on the electric car industry. Alexandra Cran-McGreehin reports on where investors see the most promising opportunities

Made in China

There is no doubt: China's wind energy market will be massive. But what role will foreign developers, turbine makers and investors play? Joshua Speckman reports

In the eye of the beholder

Another summer, another G8 summit. This one, on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, apparently cost its hosts $590 million to stage, and goodness knows how much to convene the usual travelling circus of politicians, diplomats and journalists.

An allowance to take to the bank

Congress should look to carbon allowance property rights when it revisits the Lieberman-Warner bill – or risk hitting the liquidity of the carbon market, say Patrick Traylor and James Morin

Asking the right questions

The EU faces an uphill battle to meet its 2020 renewable energy and greenhouse gas targets. The UK's energy minister Malcolm Wicks sets out how the UK is rising to the challenge

Putting wind power into the mainstream

Eddie O'Connor wasted no time after selling Airtricity in leaping back into the clean energy fray, with new venture Mainstream Renewable Power. He talks wind power with Jess McCabe

Software suppliers grapple with emissions challenge

As carbon emissions rise ever higher up the corporate agenda, software companies are having to adapt their existing products or develop dedicated solutions for this new management challenge. Clive Davidson reports

From the bottom up

Emerging markets and microfinance were the winners in this year's Sustainable Banking awards, reports Jess McCabe

People moves this month

Hermes Real Estate has appointed TATIANA BOSTEELS as head of responsible property investment. She will report to director KEITH BUGDEN. Bosteels joins Hermes from the London Climate Change Agency, where she was climate change manager, developing and implementing policies through public–private vehicles. She also ran a climate change consultancy business for three years and is a director of Climate Change Solutions, a not-for-profit company that aims to promote policy and technological solutions to climate change challenges.