Harnessing the power of finance

The Equator Principles have helped transform risk management in project finance. But, says Lars Thunell, their implementation and evolution continue to pose challenges, as well as present opportunities

It's an ill wind

It's one thing to realise that weather can move commodity markets or maul company revenues – it's another thing to profit from it. Mark Nicholls talks to Peter Brewer, the hedge fund manager who does

Governors on the march

As US federal legislators plan long-anticipated climate change legislation, they would do well to look to the practical progress made by state governors, say Michael Northrop, David Sassoon and Ken Colburn

A break in the clouds

Difficulties in the wider economy have not spread to the weather markets, which seem to have succeeded in attracting more end-user business, reports Christopher Cundy

People moves this month

Renewable energy investor Good Energies has appointed GEORGE COELHO as a managing director and head of venture capital. He will also be responsible for the team looking at European investment in the solar sector.

After Andrew and Katrina

It took Hurricane Andrew to create the catastrophe risk market, and Hurricane Katrina really to prove its worth. Not even the sub-prime crisis has blown it off its course, says Albert Selius

Beating the credit crunch

Despite the credit crunch, clean-tech entrepreneurs can still raise money, says Alexander Munro – and here's how

To the Equator and beyond

This month, and this issue of Environmental Finance, mark the fifth anniversary of the Equator Principles. Five years ago, 10 private sector banks came together to announce that they would voluntarily commit to applying these environmental and social principles to their project finance business.

Five years around the Equator

In terms of their uptake, the Equator Principles have been a runaway success. But what effect have they actually had on how banks manage the social and environmental risks in project finance? Jess McCabe reports

The disclosure challenge

It's all very well for banks to sign up to the Equator Principles – but how are stakeholders to assess their effectiveness? Esther Garcia consider how banks should report on their implementation