Building the investment case

A new report from IUCN and Shell calls for the creation of a 'biodiversity business facility' to help build a market – and the more active participation of the environmental finance community, says Francis Vorheis

A climate change share price boost?

Does making a commitment to tackling carbon emissions translate into a share-price premium? Paul Bowden and Stefan Altenschmidt explain a new index that attempts to find out

The biofuels baby

Eighteen months ago, they were expected to save the planet. Now, they are going to starve it to death. The crescendo of criticism that biofuels have come in for in recent months has become deafening.

EU allowance delays threaten 'cascade of defaults'

An ongoing delay in the issuance of EU allow­ances (EUAs) to emitters in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) could lead to "mass-scale default" in the EU emissions market, market participants have warned.

Behind the numbers

Statistics can obscure as much as they illuminate. Ivo Knoepfel and Gordon Hagart caution that the rash of numbers showing the growth of socially responsible and sustainable investments should be treated with caution

Cleaning up the energy sector

The credit crisis, likely carbon caps and a new president will all impact on the US renewables market. But, as Michael Eckhart tells Christopher Cundy, the industry's future remains very bright

Opening the books.

Corporate responsibility reporting is getting deeper and broader – by and large. Paul Scott reviews trends in ­corporate disclosure

Picking up speed

Richard Boddington and Simon Luby examine how trends in wind farm financing have evolved as the market has entered the mainstream

A shifting kaleidoscope

The global biofuels industry is realigning, says Ben Warren, as sustainability concerns, shifting support schemes, and changing agricultural markets exert differing pressures across the value chain